Thank you for visiting my website, I hope that the information I am providing is helpful.

Congratulations! It is no doubt an exciting time as you begin to plan for your wedding and the marriage ceremony that will mark the start of your new life together. Maybe you are thinking, where do we start? Let me help!

First of all, choosing the right celebrant for you both is very important. You will need to feel comfortable with the person who is sharing a very personal and intimate occasion in your life – I understand this and offer to meet with you or talk with you soon – there will be no fee nor obligation attached for us to do this but it will help you to make a decision.

Your marriage ceremony is yours to create and shape as you want it to be and I will be honored to support, encourage, inform and inspire you to do just that.

I am interested in your story, and as your celebrant I will help you craft your thoughts and feelings into a ceremony that is true to you and your relationship and that is remembered and treasured.  

If you would like to proceed please contact me and I will discuss with you my availability and the next steps for you to take, in particular the legal requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you and arranging a convenient time and place to meet.

Kind regards,
Jill Harper




"Our wedding was a very special and memorable time in our lives. Jill made this moment extra special through her love, time and effort she put into our ceremony. Her warmth and approachable manner instantly made us feel as though we were with a close friend, and this was reflected during our wedding. Jill took the time to get to know us as a couple and gave us never-ending support as we worked together on our ceremony.

Our guests commented that they felt 'honoured' to be part of such an intimate and personal event and we are so grateful to Jill for helping us to create that moment. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jill Harper as a marriage celebrant for any couple wanting a ceremony that is true to them!"

Ben and Anna